Rotational molding process

roto molding machine

New Wave is a manufacturer of custom rotational molded products including, dock floats, nose cones, industrial mats, and all-terrain trackers.

With over 25 years in the industry, New Wave Docks is a manufacturer of rotational molded seamless polyethylene flotation systems. With quality control in mind, we develop all our floats to a consistent wall thickness, this ensures strength, and durability to guard against punctures and splits. Our dock floats are the toughest and most versatile in North America – the best in the brand. We have in-house design expertise, and we fabricate steel or aluminum molds for those requiring custom product design.

Floating Mats

Floating Mats

Swamp and muskeg mats are 7’9″x 15’16″x6″ and provide approximately 1200 lbs of flotation, available in 4’x8′, 8’x8′, and 8’x16′. The mats are made from rotationally molded polyethylene ensuring durability and strength. The mats interlock for easy and secure placement. Anti-skid driving surface Light enough to be placed by hand or by loader Increasing depth of mat can increase flotation 100% environmentally friendly No water or oil-based absorption Mats can be manufactured in company’s colors, with company logos and names on them Serial numbers can be issued and stamped into mats for inventory control purposes Built in UV stabilizers Cost effective and efficient.