Docks & Ramps

If you’re looking to enhance that beautiful shoreline and add instant functionality to any waterfront property, look no further than our top quality loading docks, dock ramps, and dock gangways.

Premium Quality Docks, Dock Ramps, and Dock Gangways

At New Wave Docks, we pride ourselves on engineering our floating docks with top-tier materials like marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel, along with quality modular construction and eco-friendly air-based flotation. Unlike traditional foam-filled docks that pollute waterways with plastic beads that harm wildlife, our air-filled docks minimize our impact on the natural environment while providing the same great quality you expect from us. We also sell dock accessories like ladders, cleats, and guards that increase your dock’s functionality, boost durability, and beautify your waterfront for years to come.

Our commitment to the environment is just one of the values that set us apart from the competition. All our docks, loading ramps, and gangways are designed and manufactured in Canada at our BC facility for the highest quality build possible. Our flotation products have become known industry-wide for their high weight capacity and unbeatable durability. We back our products with a 3-year limited warranty. With nearly 30 years in the business, our team knows how to create the best floatation products for your property, ranging from a 450 lb capacity all the way up to 2,600 lbs. No matter how large or small your project is, we have the right dock for you!

  • Dock Ramps
  • Dock Ramps
  • Dock Ramps
  • Dock Ramps
  • Dock Ramps

Top-Quality Docks,
Ramps, and Gangways

Explore our product catalogue to view all the docking solutions we have available, including ocean docks, lake docks, loading docks, and dock ramps and gangways. All our flotation products are manufactured with at least 5/16 inch walls for increased durability. We have a variety of pre-built designs and layouts to suit your needs. Our modular design is intended to facilitate easy, hassle-free assembly anywhere, and also allows us to ship our docks anywhere (yes, anywhere!) across Canada or the United States. 

Don’t see a design that suits your project? No problem! We can design a custom build that takes into account your unique needs and fits perfectly with your waterfront. We’ll manufacture your custom dock at our BC facility with premium materials and expert craftsmanship so that you can take full advantage of your waterfront property. Enjoy your trip to the lakehouse that much more with your new custom dock and gangway!

Ocean Docks

We design and build our ocean docks to suit your needs, with marine-grade aluminum or wooden frames of any species for docks that are resistant to saltwater and sun. We have a variety of decking options available, including durable FRP mini mesh, beautiful treated wood, or long-lasting composite and PVC. As with all of our docks, flotation is created using our seamless roto-molded polyethylene floats for a product that’s kinder to the environment and the marine wildlife that lives there.

Ramps & Gangways

Make your dock more accessible with our loading ramps and dock gangways! Designed in-house to suit your application and built from sturdy, marine-grade aluminum, our ramps and gangways are supremely durable and resistant to corrosion and sun damage. Decking options include wood of any species, composite and PVC, fibre-reinforced polyurethane, or aluminum dimple decking.

Lake Docks

Our floating lake docks are your freshwater docking solution! Our lake docks have been engineered to be freshwater-friendly, using only pressure-treated lumber for framing and decking. Wood is professionally treated, easy to care for, and gives a stunning look to any dock.

Our lake docks and ramps come in standard sizes for easy shipping and installation anywhere across Canada and the US. Like our ocean docks, our lake docks use air for flotation as a safe, eco-friendly alternative to plastic foams

Fiber Mesh Grating

Built Structure Prices

Prices include float costs. Pressure Treated Construction.

NW 450

Size Floats Required Price
4’X12’ 1 $1100
4’X16’ 1 $1300
4’X20’ 2 $1950
6’x16’ 6 $2860
6’x18’ 6 $2980
6’x20’ 6 $3100
8’x12’ 4 $2680
8’x16’ 6 $3600
8’x18’ 8 $4000
8’x20’ 8 $4500

NW 1000 - 1400

Size Floats Required Price
10’X16’ 4 $4900
10’X18’ 4 $5220
10’X20’ 4 $5430
12’X16’ 4 $5780
12’X18’ 4 $6180
12’X20’ 4 $6730
16’X16’ 6 $7740
16’X16’ 6 $8320
16’X20’ 6 $8840

Standard pre-built dock equipment includes two anchor brackets and bottom skids, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

All Docks Are Built By New Wave Docks

Where to Dock Fish near Kamloops

Experience the exhilaration of landing a prized Kamloops Rainbow Trout like never before. Thanks to the efforts of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, the renowned New Wave Docks company proudly constructs docks across the province. Whether you're a seasoned angler eager to cast your line swiftly or a novice without access to a boat, these newly installed docks ensure that everyone can boast about their impressive catches across numerous lakes.

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