Dock Flotation Products

Custom Roto Molding

Premium Quality Custom Rotational Molding & Aluminum Fabrication

Custom rotational molding is a plastic manufacturing process we use to create custom-made seamless polyethylene flotation systems. We design and fabricate unique steel or aluminum molds so that we can create virtually any custom design to your specifications. Quality control is at the heart of our manufacturing process, which is why we develop all our floats to a consistent wall thickness of at least 5/16 of an inch (but up to 1/2” thickness is available). Because of our commitment to quality, our floats are the toughest on the market, guarding against common issues like punctures or splits. We manufacture all of our floats in Canada at our BC facility.

We have an extensive aluminum fabrication shop with a brake and shear, tube bender, tube roller, tig welder, and mig welder. Our comprehensive setup allows us to make a wide variety of custom products to suit your needs, including sled decks, boat trailers, aluminum pontoon boats, truck tool boxes, and more. Whether you already have materials in mind or would like us to source it for you, we can cut, form, and weld it to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Dock Flotation Products
  • Dock Flotation Products
  • Dock Flotation Products
  • Dock Flotation Products

Custom Rotational Molding for Dock Flotation Products

If you’re wondering what makes our docks and other flotation products so durable and unique, the answer is custom roto-molding! We strive to create the most heavy duty docks possible, using only air-filled flotation instead of traditional foam for a more environmentally friendly product. Help minimize our impact on the environment and experience the exceptional quality that comes with our premium dock flotation products.

If you’ve looked at other premade floats and just haven’t found what you’re looking for, we can help! Whether you have a specific vision for your new float, or you need our expertise to help you design the perfect float for your needs, we can bring your vision to life with our custom roto-molded flotation products.

Floating Mats

Whether you want to relax or play, our floating mats offers a safe platform that can be anchored or attached to your boat for easy use. Made of rotationally molded polyethylene, our swamp and muskeg mats are strong and durable, with a weight capacity of 1200 lbs. All our mats interlock for easy and secure placement anywhere. Each mat is light enough to be placed by hand, and has an anti-skid surface that can be safely driven over.

Our mats are environmentally friendly and resistant to water, oil, and sunlight, with a built-in UV stabilizer. We’re happy to customize your floating mats with your company colours or logos, along with serial numbers to help you manage your inventory. Numbers are stamped directly onto your floating mat for quick, easy reference. Our mats come in a variety of sizes, including 7’9” x 15’16″x6″, 4’x8′, 8’x8′, and 8’x16′. However, should you require a different size, don’t hesitate to ask us! Our custom roto-molding technique allows us to make floating mats in virtually any size you need.

Cable Stands

Our universal cable stands are versatile, lightweight and durable. With a 200 lb standard load capacity and up to 1500 lb capacity available, we can create the cable stands you need for any project. Whether it be for signage, scaffolding, a safety barrier or work bench, our cable stands provide the versatility you're looking for.

We offer many options for customization, including custom color options, optional hi visibility reflective tape and optional solar lights. All of the stands are designed with a wide base for stability, and come with built-in UV stabilizers. We design and manufacture these in-house, so we can help design around your needs!

Check out our Roto Molding Machine in Action

This dynamic and powerful machine allows us to provide a number of custom solutions for our clients. From cable stands to custom dock floats, the possibilities are endless. Reach out to see what we can create for you!

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