Flotation Products

We rotationally mold seamless polyethylene dock floats, 5/16″ wall thickness up to 1/2″ . The unique shape of the floats add strength to resist compression and expansion.

  • 1 1/2″ drain plug for pump out or ballast
  • 3/8″ T-nuts for attachment of bottom skid plates
  • 4″ flanges ensuring proper attachment to framing

NW 450 Float

  • L-47.5″ x W-23.5″ x H-14″
  • 450 lbs of flotation
  • 41 lb Dry Weight
  • Nose cone available

NW 550 Float

  • L-36″ x W-39″ x H-15″
  • 550 lbs of flotation
  • 42 lbs Dry Weight

NW 650 Float

  • L-70.25″ x W-23.5″ x H-14″
  • 650 lbs of flotation
  • 60 lb Dry Weight
  • Nose cone available

NW 900 Float

  • L-70.25″ x W-23.5″ x H-19″
  • 900 lbs of flotation
  • 80 lb Dry Weight

NW 1000 Float

  • L-46″ x W-59″ x H-14″
  • 1000 lbs of flotation
  • 84 lbs Dry Weight

NW 1200 Float

  • L-70.25″ x W-23.5″ x H-19″
  • 1200 lbs of flotation

NW 1400 Float

  • L-46″ x W-59 ″x H-19″
  • 1400 lbs of flotation
  • 92 lb Dry Weight

NW 1800 Float

  • L-59″ x W-46 ″x H-24″
  • 1800 lbs of flotation

NW 1850 Float

    • L-68″ x W-33″ x H-30″
    • 1850 lbs of flotation
    • 120 lb Dry Weight
    • Nose cone available

NW 2200 Float

  • L-59″ x W-46″ x H-29″
  • 2200 lbs of flotation
  • 140 lb Dry Weight

NW 2600 Float

  • L-47″ x W-58″ x H-29″
  • 2600 lbs of flotation
  • 141 lb Dry Weight
  • Nose cone available

Why Choose Us?

  • New Wave Docks manufactures our own floats
  • Extended warranties are available
  • All floats are UV protected
  • Bottom skid plate fasteners come standard on all floats
  • Tabs on top allow for proper fastening to construction
  • Floats can be introduced in most existing structures
  • All floats are inspected thoroughly and pressure tested before leaving the plant
  • Our floats are engineered with structural stability. For example, a float with a flat bottom over time, will concave providing less flotation and more stress allowing a much shorter lifespan.
  • 100% environmentally friendly
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“I can’t say enough about the quality of product and level of professionalism that Mike and his company delivered…I am very impressed and would recommend Mike and New Wave Docks to anyone looking at a dock, buoy or lift.”

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Manufactured In British Columbia

All of our products are manufactured in British Columbia Canada at the New Wave Dock factory, located in 100 Mile House, BC. We ship docks, dock floats, pontoon boat modules, and all terrain trackers anywhere in Canada and the United States.

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